Forming the Network

FORming the Network

The Network was created following the World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos in January 2015, where the need for coordinated, global action and response to Public Health Emergencies of International Concern was expressed. The West Africa Ebola outbreak demonstrated that the world must improve its ability to effectively respond to pandemics. In the midst of the crisis, supply chain emerged as a significant bottleneck, impeding the timely supply and delivery of life-saving materials.

Lessons learned from the Ebola response highlighted the importance of a robust supply chain network as well as the significant role the commercial private sector played via contributions of supplies and expertise.

Recognizing that a large share of the cost of a pandemic relates to supplies, and a delay in the delivery of supplies seriously compromises the effectiveness of health interventions, the group focuses on supply chain improvements because of their critical impact on the effectiveness of pandemic response.